Commodities exchanges are the markets who refer to the purchase or sale of certain tangible assets, such as industrial metals (copper, aluminum), precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), cereals, vegetable oils, meat, energy market (oil, gas, electricity), etc., bought or sold on contracts related to well-organized markets like the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade), the LCE (London Commodity Exchange) etc.

In fact, there are over 50 major exchanges of that type internationally which provide access to buyers and sellers to proceed easily and transparently into commodities’ transactions.

The negotiable commodities are basically not manufactured but in a raw condition. Furthermore, all commodities are being standardized in order to have the same specifications and quality.

A typical price chart of one of the most tradable assets worldwide (US Oil – Aug 05, 2012  -  May 18, 2015)


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