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In this integrated directory you will find hosted a plethora of academic material necessary for the understanding of markets and financial products.

Financial Products

Below, we attempt a first, introductory, approach in the field of international financial & capital markets. The products presented are a part of the endless existing range of financial goods and services, but certainly are the most important, so that they determine prices of goods and services in the real economy.

Educational material about forex

Stocks’ learning essentials
  Basic knowledge about binary options

Introduction on commodities

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is a method for estimating future price fluctuations of financial products (e.g. currencies, shares) which is based on economic, political and other factors and indicators. The power base of fundamental analysis is the financial results & the political announcements of countries, sectors and companies, which affect the prices of financial and non-financial goods on every economy.

In this menu you will find material necessary for the understanding of fundamental analysis.

The following table presents in summary the comparison
the two major market analysis methods 

An interesting investment analysis of dividend stocks

For investors who take placements in high-value
 corporations, a useful tool about top market cap stocks 

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the study of individual or combinatorial financial assets, resulting from the relationship between prices, trading volumes and time. Based on diagrammatic representations from which arise several tracking patterns of the financial products and hundreds of technical indicators that are complementary to predict future trends and prices.

In this field you will find the most useful knowledge regarding technical analysis.

Definitions & principles of technical analysis 

The following table presents in summary the comparison
between the two major market analysis methods

  Technical analysis is the combination of probabilistic
methods that use a lot of interesting tools such as…

Money Management

In this directory you will find educational material about money management rules and options.

Basics of the proper money management procedure


  Easy steps to build a successful mixed or
balanced financial portfolio

Trading Psychology

In this directory you can perceive the importance of trading psychology and discipline.

Think smart. Act smart.


  An exceptional article composed by an anonymous financial guru which should be studied thoroughly
Disclaimer: Everything contained in this website is for informational purposes only and in no way constitute a recommendation to buy or sell the financial products mentioned. Most financial products have a substantial risk and are not suitable for all investors.


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